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March 18, 2012 / MMasing

Hacker of the Day!

Hello Everybody,
Did you know that…
…more than ten people a year
are killed by vending machines.
…HP, Google, Microsoft,
and Apple have one thing in common?
(Apart from the obvious that
they are IT companies.)
…Facebook  motivates hackers?
So.. now we all know that vending machines are dangerous, don’t we?
It does make me curious though…
About what exact machine was that dangerous, or maybe more fitting here:
about what those 10 people did with the poor machine…
Then, the IT companies:
Indeed, they have 1 thing in common at least, but beside this obvious one.. there is another thing. 
Both HP, Google, Microsoft and Apple started in garages.
Quite astonishing if you think how big they all became, isn’t it? 
Ow, and motivating hackers.
Indeed, Facebook really does,
because if you are able to
find a way into hacking Facebook.
They will pay you at least $500. 
Now then….
…who knows that we’re going to do today…? 

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