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April 14, 2012 / MMasing

Gaining Weight…

Hello Everybody,
Do you know if…
…the earth becomes heavier with more people living on it?
Trick-question this is, but for everyone still wondering and wanting to know: No it doesn’t.
No the earth doesn’t become heavier when more people live on it, or becomes lighter when fewer people walk the earth. It’s just a simple rule of everything that lives, grows, floats, crawls, hangs or anything else you can think of here.. 
Everything that is on the earth stays on the earth. It’s a bit like the law of conservation of energy, if you think about it. This is all again simply explained by that people eat. Everything that we take from the planet to live from, which increases our weight, comes from the planet as well. Meaning that the earth loses just as much as it gains. Kind of like a girls dream indeed, eating and never gaining any weight. 
The only way that the earth can change in its weight is when objects from other-space land here.
Like for instance: meteorites… or aliens.. for if you were still believing.Odd idea, right? Gaining weight over meteorites and aliens?
Ow, by the way… I was planning to leave you all a note in this 200th post of mine, here it comes: 

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