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May 28, 2012 / MMasing

Odd Moments.

Hello Everybody,
When you see this post is called “Odd Moments” you must have something on your mind at least.
Or that is what I am thinking… that I’m not the only one with those moments in my live, hopefully?
Anyway, as you might have seen by now (or you will see it very soon..):
I added a new page to my blog.
A page called “Video’s” where you can, how obvious, find video’s
(as in covers you can find on my YouTube channel as well).
If everything will go my way, which tends to be rare I guess,
there will be a new page edited on June the 14th.
For everyone who doesn’t know me in person yet:
sorry guys I’m afraid you have to wait and see.
For everyone who does know me in person:
you know the date and you will probably
be able to lay the connection here!
At least it’s coming a bit closer to my life..
not by it being hid in poetry.
I’m very excited for this new part of blogging / a piece in my life.
Hope you all are as well….
Back to the odd moments now then.
To be honest.. those odd moments can show and learn you quite a lot as well.
For me, for example, it made it all crystal clear.
My French is still not on the top of my list, but I might even be able to stay alive with it.
Now nice surprise isn’t it? Maybe a survival tip of odd moments would be a good idea.. 
1. *blink blink*
Don’t blink, freeze or startle. Get over the situation as soon as you can to move to the next step….
2. Magic smile.
As it says, turn whatever happened or whatever stupidity you did into something positive.. or positive.. I was more meaning to just smile or laugh it away with that magical smile of yours, don’t you deny you have one…
Anything else left to do?… I mean, beside the turn red and run for you life one? 

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