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June 4, 2012 / MMasing

Time Flies.. Happy 1 Year!

Hello Everyone, 
As we all knew by know, time flies.
Sometimes it goes so by so fast that you don’t realize that you’re already 1 year further in time.
But that’s just how it goes. How things grow bigger and stronger and older.. in age of course.
One of those things is my blog. I didn’t realize it.. and then suddenly…
Happy first year! 
Yea… I know what you are thinking now. Way too many happy this and happy that.
I was hoping that they’d fall on the same day but that didn’t really work out, as you noticed by now.
But lets make this post a bit useful as well:
As things grow,
bigger and stronger.
Time flies,
faster and slower.
Views change,
taller and older.
Love fades,
soft and slow.
Trust dies,
gray to black.
Believe comes,
light and blue.
To never forget,
all that lies beneath.
To never regret,
all that love sees.
To live your life,
not forget nor regret.
To treasure love,
and live.

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  1. ajsivesind / Jun 4 2012 11:51 pm

    Happy Birthday! 😀

    One year 🙂 I can ashamedly admit that haven’t read all your posts yet, but, maybe tomorrow, I will have a look back in time to see what treasures might be hiding there 🙂

    Now coming up with something original, every year, isn’t always as easy, but here it comes anyway xD

    Your blog is like a treasure hunt, you go out on an amazing adventure and get experience from all over the world about everything from stars and universes to Kiwis and pancakes. It’s also a treasure hunt inside your heart, for what feelings might be hiding there whether they might be for some lucky guy somewhere or for a rabbit, a bird or maybe even a cocoon which sometime will turn into a butterfly. It’s also a treasure hunt in the everyday life, for the best tips and tricks to get you through the day.

    Now, once you’ve started this treasure hunt, it will never end, for as you learned us: you will never stop learning.
    And i guess that’s what this is, a blog about life, all from covers of songs, to facts about space. This blog is a lesson for life, maybe you won’t remember all of the facts about the Kiwi bird, but you can not say you didn’t learn anything at all.

    When you got a blog learning you this much about everything, I can’t be the only person to think that this blog deserves an applause, a birthday song and a “Good luck on the way!”.

    For one year of new adventures
    For one year of beautiful poems
    For one year of tips for life
    For a while of great music

    Thank you!

    I’ve enjoyed the trip so far, and can’t wait to carry on through next year!


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