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June 16, 2012 / MMasing


Hello Everyone,
It stands steady and shows clearly now.. for me at least. For me a new adventure is starting.
And a new style of writing as well, maybe a bit more personal then you are used to with me.
A “Diary” it will be indeed, and that has its reasons.
Over time I will explain you all in my posts and order them all nicely on date
so you can see the story line forming and understand where I’m up to.
To see them all ordered take a look at the Page “Diary”..
which you can find above my last published post/below the:

For You and Me.

About Everything and Nothing, All at Once…
(yea.. now that was a clear explanation)
I’m not doing this to.. ehmm.. I don’t really know how anyone could see this in a bad way.. 
but, just so you know:

I’m doing this for my friends and maybe some family, who might come to this blog and follow my “Diary”.Not that I want to share my deepest darkest secrets (for if I even have them) with the whole wide world. But mostly because I want you all to see my story, my life and my inspiration in life. Which in a few post you will see clearly and maybe start to understand the feelings and ideas behind for example my Survival Tips.. but of course my Poems, all you can find in the Pages as well.
I’ll also make this “Diary” for people who might have been in my situation..
who might read how I did this and maybe help them with their own story of life.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?.. well.. lets start then:

Here’s my story….the story of Love (with a Capital)…… 
Though please do give me a few to slowly build up the posts to form a reasonable thick diary..
I still don’t do magic and can’t write whole diaries in a day or week even. Simply takes time.. so…
“Under Construction?”

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