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June 16, 2012 / MMasing

Rep Surfing.

Hello Everybody,
Survival tips up and running!..
If you think you know me by now.. you might still be on the wrong track.
No surprise since I still don’t really know myself..
due to that I don’t seem to follow my own survival tips.. now that’s bad indeed.
Let’s say I’m still learning, sounds so positive that it’s very likable!
Now, another survival that I hope I will learn something off myself.
A bit late, but better now than never: Survival Tips on.. ehmm…  Rep Surfing.
You know, overdrafting.. 1 Click for him might change your world.
If 1 miscalculation makes you have to pay back so much more than you ever wanted,
and you’d have to pay them back more..  
1. Favorite mid nights.
Best calls of them all are the mid night calls, well of course they are.
You have to do something to stay awake or to wake up in the middle of the night..
but then you do have something. It’s called: Time.
All the  rep’s wouldn’t have anything to do, so time enough for a good call!
2. Soby story.
Very wrong, yes, of course.
But you know everyone does so that might be an excuse for you to try it out anyway.
Petty on your side might pull you through this one.
Though I have to admit here.. I don’t fancy this tip at all…. no comment.
3. Blame on.. which side?
Blame on your side, of course! Why even doubt that?
Please tell the poor man/woman who it’s on you.
Even if you don’t him/her at all, keep it to yourself.. they do have to help you out, don’t they?
He/she didn’t do it. It’s yours.. or wait.. it’s the banks fault!
(Lets wipe off the guilt when we can..?) 
4. Loyalty.
But I’ve been with you for .. years (how bigger the number, how more numbers.. the better)
5. Go on the humanity.
Last but not least, as him nicely if there isn’t anything at all he could do for you to help you out of your problems. Asking this might also make them feel powerful and very useful. You never know that you get out of it.
Not that I’m ever planning to use any of these tips myself, how smart of me..
When your finger just picks out this list of tips in the almighty book of 101 situations to need tips in.. You just can’t find a way around it and instead just write the tips down.
MMasing, at your service!!.. or something like that.. 

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