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August 31, 2012 / MMasing

One not Two.

Hello Everybody,
Every time that clock hits the full,
every minute and second that past.
Every morning I wake,
every day that’s the last.
When I open my eyes,
to find you there as I always do.
I couldn’t ever deny,
that we are one and not two.
For every breath is one,
for every step is more.
To never ever be lonely,
to settle the score.
Because in the end of the day,
I know you will find.
That even with open eyes,
you’ll be flying blind.
No directions to be taken,
because we both know that we.
At no point in our lives,
could we ever be mistaken.
And when this might end,
I know as well as you.
We’ll find our ways further,
to stay one and not two.

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