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December 9, 2012 / MMasing

How I’ll Survive my Winter. (Survival tips for -15C (5F) or lower)

Hello Everybody,
Soon I might need Survival Tips for what to do with -15 degrees Celsius or lower.
(That is 5 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.)
Lets make me a list:

1. Stay inside.
With these temperatures everyone would just want to stay inside.. 
Snug and warm with simply nothing to worry about.
Sadly enough, as good as this tip sounds, it doesn’t work on the long run.
You have to get food at some point and beside that you still have to get some money rolling in.
It’s impossible to just tell your boss that you’ll stay inside for 2 months
and won’t show up for work anymore.
So you might need something better than this.



2. Eskimo or Penguin style.
Northern LightSo.. having to go outside will mean going Eskimo style. For those who are afraid to look “unfashionable”… everyone is freezing to death.. I think the people around you will look exactly the same. Get a good scarf, gloves and winter jacket. Don’t forget the shoes.. sneakers won’t do in anything over lets say 1/2 meter of snow. Leggings under trousers always keep you warmer longer, though then you can call it Penguin style as well.



3. All about timing.
Again it’s all about timing.
Taking the buss/train while going to work means at least a couple of minutes waiting time.
Know exactly when your buss/train leaves to make sure that
you don’t stand there longer then you need to..
Of course, don’t make the fit too tight and miss your buss/train.
Waiting for 5 minutes is still a lot better than waiting for 30 minutes.
Once you’re finally in the buss, god bless.. hopefully it’s warmer there!
Beside this, make sure that once you get at your work.. you can get into the building as well.
Don’t forget your key or make sure that someone else with the key is there before you.
Or.. maybe simply get your snowboard or skies.. or maybe even your snow-scooter?


4. Happy drink.
IceFor if you are a tea or a coffee fan, maybe prepare some “happy drink” to stay warm on your trip?


5. Welcome home.
As soon as you are home, still lightly freezing.. Get a shower or crawl before the fireplace.. maybe get another happy drink and enjoy the time that you can be just right there, home.


6. (You might) Take a holiday.
In Spain?
(Leave my wings behind me. 
Flush my worries down the drain, 
And fly away to somewhere new.)



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