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March 31, 2013 / MMasing

Between the Snow.

Hello Everyone,

Head for the MountainsWhen going down,
as fast as you do.
Don’t go too fast,
know you’ll get through.
Don’t forget to see,
what’s deep inside.
Before everything,
goes all to white.
In snowy days,
between the snow.
You’ll find a life,
of things unknown.
As always, you show,
no reasons to say no.

(Big) P.s.
I know, I do, it’s been a while but now that I just returned from my eastern holiday..
I just had to at least let you guys know what I’ve been up to.
Explain for a bit why I’m not posting as I used to. Beside the holiday thing I’m studying really hard
to pass a language test to be able to study in this new land.
Giving myself the most absolute impossible deadline of under 1 year to learn a brand new
language from the bottom up to university level. I know it wouldn’t at all be easy but I put
my mind on it so firmly that I’m not about to let go. With (today exactly) just 1 week to go
until my exam is up.. I’m getting more and more nervous. These last months and to be more
exact this last month has been about exercises and grammar all the time..
Making me feel like I’m back in to high school all over again… This total focus on learning as
much as I can to please not be turned down for the studies I applied for..
(and working part-time beside that).. has, I’m afraid, turned my life in some sort of weird blur.
If I’ll even manage, god knows.. I as one am not sure about this at all.
But I at least want to give it a good try and know that I did all I could do to make the best out of it.
Now.. lets make this big block of heavy reading into a big P.s and write some sort of poem…
March 14, 2013 / MMasing

Welcome to My..

Hello Everybody,
Know the feeling of being in a hurry..
..and clearly no-one understands that there is some sort of deadline?
If you do..
Welcome to my world,
Welcome to my life..
..And don’t forget to:Join-the-Club
March 9, 2013 / MMasing

Path, Rocks, Stones.

Hello Everyone,

I thought I’d let you in on some tips from my point of few about ice.
This due to the huge amounts of ice on the roads and paths that I have to cross every day yet again… Survival tips weren’t a strange thing to look for.


1. Know your path.
It might sound stupid bit it’s one of the most important things you need to know in the winter times.. When snow falls all the roads and paths will slowly vanish in the landscape. You knowing your paths at this point, will hopefully find your right way without stepping on rocks and breaking ankles.


2. Stick to your path.
Stupid and simple as well, but if you Winter-walkingdon’t.. and in the meanwhile the snow just started to form some sort of visible path of some strength.. You might find yourself to your knees in the snow. The snow on the path is suppressed all this time so will not crumble under your feet. So stick to your path, if you please.


3. Know your rocks.
Know your rocks, indeed. Not as in the big rocks.. more as in the small once that they put on the ice\snowy paths so you won’t end up on the ground. It is a brilliant solution, I have to admit. But these little stones always end up to be below the ice, meaning you do see them.. but you will end up on the ground anyhow. Know your rocks and walk where you can.


4. Walk.. don’t run.
If you need to run, just don’t.


March 4, 2013 / MMasing

Caught Out of My Mind.

Hello Everybody,
Time for a new song!
It seems like every week I have a new song in my mind where I’m totally addicted to.
Sometimes I manage to catch it in a cover.. and sometimes it just flies by never to be heard again.
And this is one of those moments where I caught it hanging in the air:
                                                                                                                        Link to Song
                                                                                                                        Link to my Channel
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