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Hello Everybody,
As you probably already saw or knew by now, I also write poems that I post on here. Every once in a while a little poem comes by and to make it a little bit easier for you all to find my poems between everything else on my colorful stuffed blog… I made this page to keep you on the poetry track. In the hope it will work out just fine.
Greetz, MMasing.
 Click here to see the poetry category or scroll down for a few previews out of the archives…
Tree on a/that/the Hill.
To some it’s a tree,
just a tree on a hill.
To some it’s a landmark,
just that tree on that hill.
To some it’s a place to rest,
just in the shade of that tree on the hill.
To some it’s a beauty,
that strong big tree on that green hill.
To some it’s a memory,
that tree on the hill where I married her.
To some it’s a life,
that little tree I planted for my deceased wife,
becoming this big on that hill…
One tree on a hill…
                                 …6 meanings
Never underestimate the meaning of one single thing or place… 
                                                                                                                    Click to go to the post
You can wait for the good,
You can wait for the bad.
You can wait for a start,
You can wait for an end.
You can wait for short,
You can wait for long.
But it doesn’t matter how you wait,
as long as it comes…
                                                                                                                    Click to go to the post
Wisdom is a wise thing.
Given to young to develop to when they’re old.
Wisdom is a precious thing.
Lots of people ask and only a few will give.
Wisdom is an important thing.
Changing views and saving lives.
Wisdom is a teached thing.
Open your eyes to it and you will see.
Wisdom is for everyone.
You just have to look to find what you want to see.
Wisdom is there always.
It’s just about finding the right places to look…
                                                                                                                    Click to go to the post

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