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October 31, 2011 / MMasing

Multitask your Convos.

Hello Everybody,
Yesterday was the day of multitasking, for me, at least, it most clearly must have been.
So, I thought.. Why not write down some Survival tips on multitasking.
Or, to be a bit more precise, to multitask conversations.
1. Online chats.
For online chats it is much easier than for phone calls or face to face chatting.
In online chats you just have to keep the other person talking, or rather typing.
Meaning that you have to ask further into a subject, further and further.
The downside to this is that you do get into a deep conversation where you have to pay more attention… what you weren’t looking for.
2. Phone calls.
Ok, phone calls then.
Indeed, harder than online chats as I said before.
Phone calls just ask for a lot of attention, yet again.
Therefor most people will just let the
other one talk again and answer with:
“Yes”, “No”, “Mhm”, “Naah” or “Really?”.
What also helps is to make it more fit
into the conversation, very handy too.
Not that you’ll go like “Yes” when you were
supposed to go like “No”. But I think only time
can make you learn to make the right decisions there.
3. Face to face.
How to multitask face to face conversations?
Ehmmm.. not, unless you are sitting in a group with people talking to everyone…
You know what I mean.
But beside that.. no, you can’t. 
That’s it, now off you go…
                                                                    …Ready to multitask?

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